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Mary Cheh re-introduced an eviction bill aimed at ending housing discrimination

Wednesday, 17 July, 2019
As current law does not prohibit discrimination based on eviction history, any case on file will often negatively affect the tenant, according to Cheh. “This has had a really dramatic effect on potential tenants,” Cheh said. “Both in terms of making it more difficult for them to find an apartment, but also even if they get one, sometimes the landlord will charge them more money.”... more >

DC Urges Parents To Get Their Kids Vaccinated Against Measles

Monday, 15 July, 2019
As measles cases started spiking earlier this year, D.C. Council member Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) introduced a bill that would allow any minor in the city to get a vaccination if they wish, doing away with the city’s existing law that requires parental consent for vaccinations until a child turns 18.... more >

The Politics Hour: July 12, 2019

Friday, 12 July, 2019
"Between barely approving a controversial sports gambling contract and stripping Councilmember Jack Evans of his chairmanship of the Finance and Revenue Committee, the last D.C. Council session before summer recess was a lively one. Councilmember Mary Cheh joins us to discuss it."... more >

Cheh re-introduces eviction bill hoping to seal case records and end discrimination

Wednesday, 10 July, 2019
Cheh says the bill represents a desire to provide second chances. “You shouldn’t have this black mark on your back forever,” Cheh said in an interview with Street Sense Media. “I hope that people, if they do suffer an eviction, can get out from under that scarlet letter and be able to move forward with their lives without that hanging over their head.” ... more >
Aug 5

School Readiness Tours: Day 1

10:00 am - Deal Middle School, 3815 Fort Dr NW 1:00 pm - Wilson High School, 3950 Chesapeake St NW 3:00 pm Hearst Middle School, 3950 37th St NW... more >
Aug 6

Ward 3 Day at the National Building Museum

9:00-11:00 am Ward 3 residents will receive free admission to the National Building Museum's summer installation, Lawn!, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Admission to the lawn is free with proof of residence (verified by an ID's zip code). Residents are welcome to preregister at: more >
Aug 7

School Readiness Tours: Day 2

9:00 am - Hardy Middle School, 1819 35th St NW 11:00 am - Stoddert Elementary School, 4001 Calvert St NW 1:30 pm - Oyster-Adams Bilingual School (Oyster Campus), 2801 Calvert St NW 3:30 pm - Oyster-Adams Bilingual School (Adams Campus), 2020 19th St NW... more >
Aug 8

School Readiness Tours: Day 3

10:00 am - Janney Elementary School, 4130 Albemarle St NW 1:00 pm - John Eaton Elementary School (at the new UDC swing space), 3301 Lowell St NW 3:00 pm - Murch Elementary School, 3373 Van Ness St NW... more >
Aug 14

School Readiness Tours: Day 4

10:00 am - Horace Mann Elementary School, 4430 Newark St NW 1:00 pm - Key Elementary School, 5001 Dana Pl NW... more >
Jun 25

Bill to Create New Rules and Regulations for Electric Scooters and Bikes

Electric Mobility Device Amendment Act would limit operational hours, clarify acceptable parking locations, and expand operator responsibilities "This legislation is a broad and comprehensive approach to establishing common sense electric scooter and electric bike rules that will help keep our streets and sidewalks safe while also enabling these services to continue to operate in the District.” --Councilmember Cheh... more >
Jun 18

Eviction Record Sealing Authority Amendment Act of 2019

Bill to provide relief to tenants experiencing housing discrimination based on previous evictions records “This legislation will provide long-needed relief to tenants throughout the District, helping ensure that eviction records no longer hamper tenants’ ability to secure safe, affordable housing. It will provide the Court with the flexibility to seal eviction records, where appropriate, and ensures that a one-time mistake does not follow – and harm – a tenant for the rest of their lives,” said Councilmember Cheh.... more >
Jun 18

Female Genital Mutilation Prohibition Act of 2019

The District to join dozens of other states in further restricting the practice of Female Genital Mutilation “Female genital mutilation is a practice with no valid medical purpose that can cause extensive harm to both the physical and mental wellbeing of young women. The District must keep pace with other states in our region and across the country by further restricting and penalizing this practice to ensure that we are in no way a destination or accommodating jurisdiction for this procedure,” said Councilmember Cheh.... more >
May 2

Cheh Statement on Big Soda & the Budget

"Looking out into the audience at today’s markup, I saw some of our most passionate local food advocates in attendance—the very people who have fought alongside me for food equity and have supported this effort to expand food access for the District’s most vulnerable children. I also saw some other familiar faces: those of the soda industry lobbyists I encountered nearly ten years ago when we lost, by a single vote, the opportunity for an excise tax on soda.” ... more >
Apr 2

“Healthy Shelters Act” to Improve Food Services within the District’s Homeless Shelter Network

The legislation would also transfer the management of shelter food contracts away from The Community Partnership (TCP) to the Department of Human Services “The District has long undervalued the quality and nutritional standards of the meals served to residents and families in our homeless shelter network. In recent years, the District has paid its vendors as little as $1.50 for an adult supper –this is simply inadequate. I have seen this same lack of prioritization before and want this legislation to signal a reinvestment in good, quality food.... more >

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