Councilmembers Cheh and Grosso to Hold Joint Hearing on Lead Testing in Public Facilities

Washington, D.C. —Tomorrow, June 22nd, Councilmember David Grosso, chairperson of the Committee on Education and Councilmember Mary M. Cheh, chairperson of the Committee on Transportation and the Environment will hold a joint public oversight hearing on the testing of lead levels in public facilities.

“It is well documented and widely reported that the impact of lead has grave consequences on a child’s mental and physical development.  Parents, teachers, our community and, most importantly, our young people deserve the assurance that their government is acting in their best interest. This is an opportunity to discuss the results of the most recent round of testing and the future plans and protocol to ensure we are constantly keeping an eye on this matter,” Councilmember Grosso said.

This hearing is a follow up to on-the-record questioning made by the Council to D.C. government officials during performance and budget oversight hearings regarding the environmental safety of public buildings, especially schools, libraries, and recreation centers.

“We need full confidence that testing is reliable, results are reported to parents and the public, and immediate remediation is taken when required,” said Councilmember Cheh. Representatives from the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education, the Office of the City Administrator, the Department of General Services, the District Department of the Environment, D.C. Public Schools, and the Public Charter School Board will be called to testify and answer questions.



Jennie Niles, Deputy Mayor for Education

Kevin Donahue, Deputy City Administrator

Christopher Weaver, Director, Department of General Services



Oversight Hearing on Lead Testing in Schools



Hearing Room 500, John A. Wilson Building

1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW



Wednesday June 22, 2016 at 10:00 AM




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