Councilmember Cheh welcomes homeless shelter in Ward 3

Temporary housing facility announced for 2619 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

Councilmember Mary M. Cheh released the following statement in response to Mayor Bowser’s announcement of the Short-Term Family Housing Plan:


“I applaud the Mayor for her plan to close DC General and to create smaller, decent temporary housing units for families experiencing homelessness. From the details of the plan released so far and more to be delivered, it is evident to me that this is a well-conceived strategy –one that includes on-site wraparound services and temporary housing that is well designed, safe, and crafted to fit into the community. Combatting homelessness in the District of Columbia is no easy task and requires a thoughtful approach and clear vision of the future needs of residents and families. Closing DC General and mandating smaller facilities throughout the District allows all of us to carry our fair share of helping those who are temporarily homeless. I look forward to working with my community in Ward 3 and communicating the benefits of the Mayor’s homelessness initiatives.”


Additional information may be found here:

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