Councilmember Cheh shares plan to address Cleveland Park Metro flooding

Washington, D.C. — After Tuesday’s flooding at the Cleveland Park Metro station, Councilmember Cheh today spoke with officials from the District Department of Transportation. “Although Tuesday’s storm was unusually strong, flooding in Cleveland Park is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed,” said Cheh. “This is something that I’ve been working on for some time, but the challenges of coordinating between three entities—DDOT, DC Water, and WMATA–frustrated the process. But, at long last, I think we’re going to see some significant movement to address the problem.”


DDOT reports that they are initiating a design process for a streetscape along Connecticut Avenue between Quebec and Macomb streets. The initial phase, set to begin within the next two months, will include drainage analysis and recommendations for reducing runoff through green infrastructure. That process will take approximately nine months.


It is expected that the resulting project will reduce street flooding through upgraded drainage systems, rebuilt drainage structure, and improved retention of stormwater. It will also include raising Metro’s ventilation grates above flooding levels, and DDOT will work with WMATA to evaluate other physical investments for the station.


In the meantime, DDOT is working with both WMATA and DC Water to ensure that temporary steps, like the current sandbags around the ventilation grates, are taken to mitigate the risk of additional flooding.


“I’m very pleased that the necessary agencies are moving toward substantial improvements to flooding in Cleveland Park,” said Cheh. “I look forward to working with DDOT, WMATA, DC Water, and the neighborhood to ensure that the improvements fit within the character of the community and uphold our strong commitment to the environment.”



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