Cheh Announces FY 2015 Committee Budget Recommendations

Proposes significant investments throughout city

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Councilmember Mary M. Cheh (D – Ward 3), Chair of the Committee on Transportation and the Environment, released her proposed recommendations to the District’s Fiscal Year 2015 budget. Cheh’s recommendations aim to (1) to support a variety of projects throughout the city; (2) make significant investments in the District’s infrastructure; and (3) ensure the health of the District’s residents and environment.

Projects across the City

Cheh’s committee budget recommendations includes multimillion dollar commitments in funding for a variety of projects throughout the District, including $8 million to modernize the District Therapeutic Recreation Center; $14.4 million to advance the modernization of the Edgewood Recreation Center from FY2019 to FY 2015; and $8 million to modernize the Chevy Chase Community Center.

“The committee’s recommendations will provide funding for numerous projects throughout the District,” said Cheh. “It is important that all District residents have access to facilities and programs that increase the quality of life in their local communities.”

Other items across the District in Cheh’s proposal:

  • $1 million for Ivy City Streetscape
  • $300,000 for French Street Streetscape in Ward 6
  • $5.2 million for Ward 8 Streetscape improvements
  • $250,000 for Kenilworth Parkside Community Park
  • $850,000 for several athletic field and park improvements across the city
  • $500,000 for Franklin Park
  • $500,000 for Hardy Recreation Center
  • $7 million to modernize Hearst Park
  • $1 million more for Hillcrest Recreation Center
  • $8.925 million to build an Ivy City Recreation Center
  • $3 million to improve Fort Davis Recreation Center
  • $5 million for an outdoor pool in Ward 3
  • Installation of a safe crossing on South Dakota Avenue
  • Four new staff members at the Therapeutic Recreation Center
  • New Clean Teams in Union Market/Ivy City; Pennsylvania Avenue SE; and Wisconsin Avenue


Investments in Infrastructure

The budget recommendations circulated by Cheh call for significant investments in the District’s infrastructure, including a $388,000 increase in the money allocated to each Ward for street paving. This will bring the total budget for street paving in each Ward to $1 million next year. In addition, although the Mayor’s proposal delayed significant alley rehabilitation until FY 2016, Cheh identified funds to accelerate that work and the recommendations provide $10 million next year.

“This past winter took a major toll on the quality and conditions of our streets. With this money, DDOT will have the additional resources needed to address the damage in all eight Wards,” said Cheh. “I have also fast tracked $10 million in funding that was originally slated for FY2016 to be spent next year so we can speed up the much needed repair of our alleys throughout the District.”

Other infrastructure investments in Cheh’s proposal:

  • $500,000, to a develop a comprehensive rail plan
  • $200,000 to replace trash and recycling cans in public space
  • A direction to DDOT to develop improvements in 16th Street bus service
  • Connected the South Capitol Street Bridge project with the Suitland Trail
  • Accelerated installation of bicycle infrastructure


Commitment to Environment & Health

Cheh makes numerous budget recommendations that provide additional funding for programs and projects intended to improve the environment and overall health of the District and its residents. Many of the priorities outlined in Cheh’s recommendation focus on increasing recycling by District residents and promoting sustainability efforts. Cheh allocated $150,000 for a residential recycling literacy program; $50,000 for recycling education in public housing; increased enforcement of recycling in commercial buildings; and $715,000 to establish an Office of Waste Diversion.

“Although the District has made significant improvements in our commitment to our environmental health, we still have much more to accomplish,” said Cheh. “My budget recommendations would ensure that the District continues to make strides to create a more environmentally conscious city.”

Other environment & health projects or programs in Cheh’s proposal:


  • $525,000 to restore the Lead and Healthy Housing Program
  • $200,000 to fund the wildlife rehabilitation program cut by the Mayor
  • $1,300,000 to increase the minimum monthly SNAP benefit from $15 to $30
  • $63,000 to support school-based food pantries in low-income neighborhoods
  • Increased funding and staff for community gardens
  • $1,500,000 to support an analysis of nutrition and wellness, academic performance, and children’s health in the District
  • $3,322,000 to fund the Healthy Tots Act
  • $186,000 to implement the Smoking Restriction Amendment Act of 2013
  • $165,000 to implement the Air Quality Amendment Act of 2014
  • $13 million for the 11th Street Bridge Park



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