A Letter from 2D Commander Gresham

Letter addresses safety concerns in Ward 3

As the commander of the Second Police District, I would first like to thank the community for the continued support and encouragement.  I am fully aware of the concerns of many residents about reported crimes in Ward 3.  While we have had a spate of robberies and burglaries, violent crime in Ward 3 has experienced a decrease in most categories.  During the last 30 days, assaults with a dangerous weapon have seen a significant decrease in Public Service Areas (PSAs) 201, 202, 203, and 204. Most of the reductions were in double digits. Ward 3 has experienced a series of robberies in the last 30 days.  These cases were believed to have been committed by the same individuals, and the MPD is aggressively pursuing all leads.

While violent crimes have seen a decrease, Ward 3 has faced a major challenge in the crime of theft from autos.  This category has seen an increase in all PSA’s in Ward 3 with the exception of PSA 203 during the last 30 days.  This crime is a crime of opportunity and can be committed in a matter of minutes.  In most cases, the victims left valuables in plain view.  During the last 30 days, Ward 3 has not seen an increase in burglaries, however, I consider one (1) burglary one too many.  To address the concerns of the community and to also galvanize the partnership between the community and its officers, we have held a series of public safety seminars during the summer months.  The purpose of these seminars was to help the community to safeguard themselves from criminal acts. We will conduct a number of our public safety seminars during the fall and look forward working with you to make Ward 3 even safer!


Best regards,

Melvin Gresham


Second District

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