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School updates: DC Schools chancellor and DCPS reverse some Wilson High staff cuts

Wednesday, 08 November, 2017
Kudos and thanks as well to the community that cares so much about Wilson. Many, many parents, students, and community members wrote, emailed, and called the chancellor, the mayor, the deputy mayor and members of the DC Council. Wilson’s PTSO and LSAT leaders testified before the Council and wrote letters and called throughout the summer. Ward 3 Councilwoman Mary Cheh was tireless in pressing the issue.... more >

Flash of Doom: Where speed cams have raked in millions

Tuesday, 07 November, 2017
"If the signage isn't working," she said. "Then maybe something else would work. Because the ultimate objective here is not to give tickets. It's to have people drive within the speed limit." In August, Cheh wrote a letter to Jeff Marootian, the Interim Director for the D.C. Department of Transportation, voicing her concerns. She asked the department to review their cameras and to evaluate if they were "speed traps."... more >

D.C. lawmakers cut short contract for operator of District’s only public hospital

Tuesday, 07 November, 2017
Although the city did not publicly disclose the reason for the closure, The Washington Post obtained, and published, a letter from D.C. Department of Health Director LaQuandra Nesbitt showing that regulators had uncovered dangerous medical errors in the treatment of pregnant women and newborns.... more >

4 bills aim to lessen burden of tickets on DC drivers

Saturday, 28 October, 2017
“The bills that we have in front of us deal with the payment of the fines,” D.C. councilmember Mary Cheh said at a joint public hearing Friday. These fines can rise fast in D.C. if they are missed or payments aren’t made on time. Most double when they aren’t paid within 30 days.... more >

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Nov 13

Summary of the Joint Public Roundtable on The Revitalization of Cleveland Park’s Commercial Corridor

Ultimately, the revitalization of the Cleveland Park Corridor will require collaboration between the local businesses and the District government. And, within the government, there will need to be efforts by both executive agencies and the Council... ... more >
Oct 31

Media Advisory: Janney Elementary School Honeybee Mural Ribbon Cutting this Thursday

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Thursday, November 2nd , at 2:30 pm, Councilmember Mary M. Cheh (D–Ward 3), will join the Second Lady of the United States Karen Pence, Mayor Muriel Bowser, and the Janney Elementary School community for the ribbon cutting of the latest mural in The Good of the Hive initiative. ... more >
Oct 13

Media Advisory: Cheh to Hold Hearing on District’s Plan to Tackle Snow Removal Ahead of 2017-2018 Winter Season

Meteorologists with the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang will report on this year’s winter weather projections and Department of Public Works (DPW) Director Christopher Shorter will present the District’s “Snow Removal Operations Plan.” The hearing is an opportunity for Councilmember Cheh to hear the anticipated costs and cleanup plan for this winter’s snowfall, discuss the lessons learned from previous the year’s preparedness, and see what can be done to keep residential and commercial sidewalks clear of snow and ice.... more >
Aug 1

Media Advisory: Cheh to begin 11th Annual School Readiness Tour

School funding and overcrowding in Ward 3 schools will be a focus of this year’s tour BACKGROUND: Councilmember Cheh has conducted Schools Readiness Tours since her first year in office and every year thereafter. The purpose of these visits is to see how schools are preparing for the school year and to identify what schools need – from missing books to broken air conditioners. This year’s tours will focus on overcrowding in Ward 3 and funding concerns at Wilson High School. After these visits, Councilmember Cheh asks the Department of General Services and other agencies to provide whatever is necessary so that Ward 3 schools have everything that is needed before school begins on August 21st. ... more >

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